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Comprehensive Energy Storage Solutions

We’re here to expedite the global transition to sustainable energy through industry leading storage solutions.

 High-Efficiency Battery Systems, Sustainable  Reliable Energy

We’re committed to supplying innovative, adaptable battery systems with the highest energy density and longest life cycles which optimise renewable resources and deliver accessible, clean power.

Versatile Energy Storage Expertise

Our expertise spans from small behind-the-meter to substantial front-of-meter storage applications.

Join the Vanguard of Energy Efficiency with Our High-Density Batteries

Empowering Your Choice in Advanced Battery Storage

At SmartVolt, we’re not just about smart choices; we’re about the smartest choices. Our batteries boast the highest energy density in the market, enduring over 12,000 life cycles. By partnering with us, you’re investing in technology that leads the charge towards a greener future. Our team is committed to guiding you towards reducing your carbon footprint and optimizing energy usage. Let’s collaborate to establish new standards for battery storage in the UK and foster a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Intermittent Energy

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are clean and abundant, but their intermittent nature can lead to energy gaps when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

Fragmented Industry

Many battery providers source different components from various suppliers, resulting in a lack of control over the entire battery production process. This fragmented approach can lead to issues with quality, safety, reliability and affordability for customers.

Energy Costs

Fluctuating energy prices can strain household and business budgets, making it difficult to plan for the future.

Grid Reliability

Aging power grids are susceptible to outages, leaving homes and businesses without power when they need it most.

The Energy Challenge

In today’s world, the demand for sustainable energy is greater than ever before. However, traditional energy sources often fall short in terms of reliability and environmental impact. This presents several challenges.

The SmartVolt Solution….

Continuous Power

By storing and using energy efficiently, SmartVolt helps you reduce your energy bills, enhance energy self-sufficiency, and contribute to a greener planet.

Vertical Integration

When you choose Smart Volt, you’re partnering with a battery expert that manufactures the packs, designs the BMS, the software – everything. That’s true vertical integration you can depend on, for improved quality and more affordable solutions.

Energy Efficiency

By storing and using energy efficiently, SmartVolt helps you reduce your energy bills, enhance energy self-sufficiency, and contribute to a greener planet.

Grid Reliability

With SmartVolt, you’ll never have to worry about power outages. Our energy storage solutions kick in seamlessly to keep your lights on when the grid goes down.

SmartVolt MEGA 3.85MW  20 foot liquid cooled container 

The SmartVolt MEGA isn’t just a battery; it’s a beacon of security in energy storage. Certified to surpass the most stringent safety protocols, our system is a grid scale fortress of reliability. Equipped with an array of safety features, the SmartVolt MEGA ensures peace of mind with every charge cycle. Trust in the excellence of SmartVolt MEGA, where safety meets innovation.

Ready to experience the ultimate in secure energy storage?

Discover the SmartVolt MEGA difference.

SmartVolt Mini 258/289/385kW  liquid cooled cabinet

Introducing the SmartVolt Mini, our bespoke energy storage system crafted for the robust needs of British and European industry, agriculture, and commerce. This plug-and-play marvel is designed for seamless integration, offering a plethora of features that revolutionise and refine energy management. Step into a world of efficiency with the SV Mini – your quintessential ally in optimising energy utilisation.

Embrace the future of energy with British ingenuity.

Driving the transition to sustainable transportation

Elevate your installation services with SmartVolt’s cutting-edge battery storage unit, featuring integrated dual EV chargers. This unit is engineered to meet the needs of modern EV charging point installers, offering a seamless, efficient solution for powering electric vehicles. With its robust design and advanced technology, it simplifies the installation process and enhances the charging infrastructure. SmartVolt empowers you to deliver top-tier energy solutions to your clients, ensuring their EVs are charged with reliability and ease.

Available in 96.46, 144.69 & 192.92kWh plug and play units.


“As an industrial facility, we demand the best. SmartVolt’s energy storage solutions have exceeded our expectations in safety and performance, especially the SmartVolt MEGA unit.”

Jordan, Operations Director

“Choosing SmartVolt was one of the best decisions for our agricultural enterprise. The SmartVolt Mini has streamlined our energy usage and proved to be an incredibly robust system.”

Stephen, Farm Owner

“The installation of SmartVolt’s EV-ready battery storage was a game-changer for our charging station. The dual chargers are a hit with our customers, and the reliability is unmatched.”

Sam, EV Charging Point Installer

“SmartVolt’s battery systems have transformed the way we manage energy. Their high-density batteries with long life cycles have made our operations more efficient and sustainable.”

 Alex, Commercial Manager

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Our Friendly and Experienced Team

Mike Dunckley

Mike Dunckley

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Dunckley has worked in the battery and energy related fields
for more than twenty years.

He trained in marketing and before joining the battery industry
spent the first part of his career in advertising and public relations
where he was a director of the McCann-Eriksson Group. He has
worked internationally for thirty years with customers in almost
every major sector.

In the 1990’s was an active member of the Eurobat industrial
committee including a role as its chairperson for several years.
He championed and led the first Eurobat initiative to classify
standby batteries according to life and type for customers.

shaun cropped 1

Shaun Eglington

Technical Director

With over 15 years of experience pioneering energy efficiency
technologies like heat recovery ventilation systems, Shaun
ventured into renewables, honing expertise in ground and air
source heat pumps through specialised training in Germany. In
the past 12 years, his passion led him to adeptly design, install, and project manage diverse sustainable systems, from bringing solar thermal and PV solutions to individual homes to
orchestrating multi-megawatt ground mount PV and expansive
biomass projects. Shaun brings invaluable knowledge and enthusiasm to support the seamless deployment of larger-scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects.

jules cropped 1

Jules Lack

Sales & Marketing Director

Jules is a visionary pioneer in the renewable energy industry, making
waves since 1998 when he joined forces with a fellow industry
Jules has strategically guided the evolution of tailored renewable
energy solutions across residential, commercial, and utility sectors.

Driven by his passion for renewables as crucial tools in combating
the climate crisis, Jules is motivated to create jobs and economic
opportunities through these transformative technologies. He
continues to envision bringing renewable energy storage to new
heights as the landscape evolves